ALTFIELD has been dealing in sculpture from Southeast Asia since the mid-1980's. We have specialized in 18th and 19th century Buddhist images from Burma, Thailand and Laos and have built up a reputation as a leading dealer in this area. We deal primilary in sculpture made from bronze, wood, dry lacquer, sandstone and alabaster. We do not deal in early Khmer stone sculpture, as so much of this has been taken out of Cambodia illegally.

It is difficult to find exceptional Southeast Asian sculpture and even more difficult for the collector to be confident that pieces are authentic. We travel regularly throughout the region and draw on our extensive experience to select only genuine pieces which are either without repair or, if repaired, have been skillfully restored. We provide certificates of authenticity for all our pieces.

Although much has been written on Khmer sculpture - particularly early l0th to l4th century sculpture - relatively little attention has been paid to the sculpture of Burma and Laos. There are few books and relatively little scholarship devoted to the subject. However, this is an area which has always interested us and we think Southeast Asian sculpture is generally a very undervalued category in which there are some exceptional collecting opportunities today. Over the years, we have built up a strong reputation for being knowledgeable and discerning in our selection. We always advise collectors to look for exceptional condition, authentic patina, a serene expression, and powerful sculptural composition. Authenticity is of course important, particularly as there are an increasing number of clever forgeries, particularly in bronze and stone.

Whereas the sculpture of Burma and Thailand tends to be delicate and refined, the later sculpture of Laos has powerful primitive characteristics, and for collectors of primitive art, Laotian sculpture represents a new collecting opportunity.