ALTFIELD have decided to re-introduce old Chinese carpet from China and Tibet into our stock collections, a fine group is presently on view in the Prince's Building Gallery and Annex Gallery in Aberdeen. is a fine collection of antique carpets from China and Tibet. Tibetan rugs are well known for their lively designs, bright vivacious colors and exceptional versalitility. Woven large enough for a man to sleep on, but small enough to attach to the back of a horse's saddle by their nomadic owners, the designs of these carpets derive from a wide variety of sources, including Buddhist iconography, mythological symbols, as well as motifs found on imported and native textiles.

Also included in the carpets on view are a number of carpets from the towns of Baotao and Suiyuan, now part of Inner Mongolia. In the early part of the 20th century, Baotao became an important site for the cleaning and dying of woolbound for the rug-weaving factories in Tianjin and Beijing. A local rug weaving industry developed to supply the Buddhist monaseries of Tibet and Mongolia, characterized by the emphasis on rugs with a deep blue palate, making rugs from this area easily recognizeable.

Among the rugs on display are a number dating from the l9th century, typically vegetable-died and with a very loose weave. In the early 20th century, aniline dies were introduced, with carpets produced using these dies having a denser construction and a silky feel. Most of the carpets in the Gallery were made during the period l880-1940.

We held our first exhibition of Chinese carpets about 20 years ago, and we are pleased to be re-introducing antique carpets into the Gallery this year. We hope you will find time to stop by and see the carpets which are on view.